Porn is Rape

Porn is rape. Consensual it may be but only for monetary return. Biologically speaking, people are attracted to one another for a variety of reasons. This may stem from lust, love or lucrative gain. However attracted one individual is to another, they should not and could not be attracted to one another to the degree of which they severely damage one another’s internal and external … Continue reading Porn is Rape

No funeral for Manchester bomber Salman Abedi

Muslim’s have a duty to bury the bodies of the dead. Salman Abedi has however been regarded as animal feed.  One Muslim funeral director has said “Feed him to the sharks”, another has stated, “feed him to the pigs.” Abedi’s family are being refused not just a funeral service but the privilege of being buried in the very city he had critically, callously mutilated. The … Continue reading No funeral for Manchester bomber Salman Abedi

Sleeping in class

  Teachers all around the country are finding increasingly difficult to manage the final classes of the day. There have been many reports of students falling asleep in class more than often.  Students only seem to be going through the notion of learning and engage with the most minimal of effort. It is not only counterproductive for teachers but also that of students. Something needs … Continue reading Sleeping in class

Is Virtual reality going to destroy society?

Humans are being brainwashed into chasing a more superlative, eerie augmented version of reality. The world just can’t compete with digitally enhanced expectations. Mystical warrior women on demand. Clothing can be cut, coloured and customised. Want to put on instant digital muscle mass, say no more. Just click a button. A world without consequence. With VR porn on the rise alongside an environment where humans can abandon … Continue reading Is Virtual reality going to destroy society?

Ethnic Students forced onto courses UK

Every year, students are being frog marched onto courses they just don’t want to do. Colleges have no problem filling up popular courses such as A Levels or high level vocational courses. Often is the case that students that are clearly capable of level 3 or level 2 programs are being sold lower level programs as means maximizing course sales for unpopular courses.  This is … Continue reading Ethnic Students forced onto courses UK

Students thrown out of lectures

Colleges are having to run classes on how to behave in lectures. Students are constantly answering their phones during university lectures. As a result, they are being kicked out all too frequently. Universities are growing increasing tired of students with no sense of behaviour or etiquette. Being loud and obnoxious is an impediment to the rich learning environment Universities work ever so hard to foster. Colleges are … Continue reading Students thrown out of lectures

London Colleges discriminate against Turkish GCSE’s

Colleges in London are denigrating the hard work of Turkish students who are undergoing GCSE examinations in the subject. There is a general consensus that the subject does not hold value and should not contribute points required for higher study in subjects such as English, Maths and science. The patience, respect and consideration that students have for their valued subjects should not be undervalued and besmirched. … Continue reading London Colleges discriminate against Turkish GCSE’s