AI is stealing our chidren’s future

Supermarket trips are detrimentally becoming devoid of human contact. At least in the check out department. AI systems and self-service checkouts are both detrimentally and diabolically increasing in number.

As each unit is strategically and appeasingly placed in the far corner of the room. A job is stolen, and we are in a sense dealing with stolen goods.

Who can blame industry fur cutting labour costs when young people of this generation sarcastically and stupendously spite labour. Even a job selling potatoes is perceived as being beneath them. This is often coming from a young person with zero qualifications, non-existent numeracy skills and permanent bad attitude. You can’t work in customer service if you have no sense of service. All jobs require time management, mannerisms, memory mechanics and motivation.Many Young people don’t have time to be raising hell and bewildering teachers with defiant devilish and destructive behaviour. They are not just competing with each other, they are competing with robots. At this rate, they are fighting a losing battle, through choice.

When a sentient, slanderous student misbehaves,  they are not only lowering their job prospects but risking the teachers and knowingly doing so. Popular Teens tormentingly wash their bad attitude and lack of professional commitment over the entire class. Perhaps they are deliberately diffusing the competition, because of the underlying and usurping truth being, it’s a global market. Not only is the class in competition with one another, but the entire living world, yet, silently and seductively seated, is the robot in the bedroom, the teenagers happened to have not noticed.

Just because AI systems permissively and platonically plays with them in their bedroom doesn’t mean they’re going to play nourishingly, or naughtily nice in the real world. It is, however, going to steal their future because they have decided it’s going to be handed to them with zero hard work, skill or determination. The future is not free, the future can be stolen.

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