Grenfell Fire Victims shouldn’t receive free homes

Transferring property from the rich to the poor is criminal, the sheer suggestion is ignorant, insulting and incredibly ignoble.

£5 Million pounds in relief funds should come from guilty parties. Temporary accommodation is reasonable but awarding property and transferring ownership is extremely reactionary, illegal and farfetched. If a property is to be awarded, it should be awarded from indemnities of injustice and harm.

Owning property is not a prize to be won from experiencing hardship at the hands of a corrupt corporate government and a coalition of chummy private contractors. The shear suggestion is hazardously hyperbolic and highly harrowing, however, would this not open the floodgates for all victims of corporate/violent crime and fire damage?  Why do the citizens have to pay for the crimes of the London metropolitan elite?

Surrounding homeowners have exercised their right to buy. The government is projecting blame on rich foreign property owners. It’s the British government that have baked and sold this pathetic prophetic problem in regards to housing. The housing market didn’t just create itself. Foreign investment is permitted and perversed. But they have a legal right to purchase. We live in a global economy. London doesn’t need further xenophobia and land theft,  it really doesn’t.

Everyone in the city of London is especially struggling as are many people around the country, whether they are victims of violent crime, fires, rapes, drug abuse, domestic crime, corporate crime, everyone has a story.  The housing market discriminates without consideration, if you don’t have the money, you lose the right to buy.

The events of the Grenfell fire are extremely distressing, divisive and colossally detrimental. Children, families and communities were burned alive. A genuine loss of life took place. The victims demand justice and the country whole heartily supports their dutiful demand. The purpose of the law is to reimburse an individual to the point that they were before a crime or calamity took place. If an empty house is not owned, it cannot be given. You cannot give what is not rightfully yours.

Government supported housing should be a right to all citizens and not just a select few that have been steamed and grilled alive by a nefarious, narcissistic and narcotic government.


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