White man stabs police officer for gazing upon his women. (UK)

A Metropolitan police officer has been maliciously and maniacally stabbed in the bowl on grounds that “he was looking at another man’s bird”.

Andrew Beadie happened to be carrying his working replica junglej knife whilst out on a date with his gregarious, gallant, girlfriend. The evening took an uncanny turn as the heartsome, heroic policeman entered the violent vicious view of this mentally abandoned, and very violent individual.

The police officer at the time was left bleeding in a pool of his own blood as the vile, vicious villain vindicated his emotions by eviscerating the officer in a cold, cowardice and deplorable attack. The officer who was in plain clothes at the time. He was active on duty when the two life-threatening knife wounds were unduly inflicted.

The crude, contemptible crook has since parted from his “bird” and his burdensome knife. Andrew Beadie (Age 20) of Essex has been granted a 12-year stay in a local prison for attempted murder.  We can only hope they don’t give this ferocious thug kitchen duty.

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