Taxpayers shouldn’t pay for Grenfell victim support, Criminals should!!

No amount of money can compensate the loss of lives, loss of family and life-changing tragedies. It is strongly felt that damages for the victims should not come out of taxpayer funded government funds but the pockets of the criminal culprits and crooked corporations responsible for this colossal clownish authorisation of firewood housing.

Attributing responsibility for this folly of a fiasco should not take long.  Funds were transferred, faulty flammable goods were erected, It is far from farcical,  every building in the city needs to be commissioned before a health and safety officer or organisation overseeing health and safety.  A receipt and declaration of responsibility in the form of a receipt has to be in existence. Contracts are signed and money is always exchanged.

The government is astute, adept and highly adroit when it comes to tracking down citizens short of a receipt. They can also assess them within a drop of a hat. The HMRC is suspiciously sneaky and efficient when it suits them. We seem to be forgetting that they are a facet of the government.

Citizens fear, the longer the delay in detecting the cooperate, delinquents, the greater the probability of scapegoating the real reprehensible rascals responsible for this repugnant and repulsive murder and destruction. The victims demand justice, not money.

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