London’s burning and it’s not your typical terrorists

Ferocious flames flow across loving lives and living rooms, eagerly engulfing all who care, and all who wish to profit and grandstand for self-gain. Pitiful politicians proffer pathetic cries of sorrow, yet their facial expressions fail to follow the frivolous, fervent fallacies of their tearless eyes. The children of this city have been burned alive yet the hearts our leaders remain stone.

Only one politician was able to truly emit emotive empathy. The eagerness to reach out and offer comfort to horrified victims of this corporate manslaughter was non-other than our people’s champion. Mr Jeremy Corbyn overtly embraced victims with profound care and humanity whereas other members of the London metropolitan elite were primarily present to purvey points of blame away from themselves and shift and project their palate of piffle politics over victim care and accountability.

Sadeek Khan struggled to maintain his composure. Like the strawman that he is, he fell apart upon verbal demands of victims.They demanded that he finds those responsible for the blazing atrocity.   The pungent smell of stollen lives and betrayed hope linger in the air as he struggles to hold onto his weakly drafted script of dehydrated lies and firewood sorrow.

Amongst the thick smoke, A terrorist sympathiser emerges from the flames. Untouched and unscathed. Surrounded by not only thick smog but a strong mobile barrier of underpaid policeman. It was non-other than Theresa May herself. She wasted no time speaking to the victims, she gave no time whatsoever, her lack of humanity was written in both her face, body language and grimacing face.

A press ordained media tactic has since been arranged. Theresa May is now to be visiting the surviving victims in Hospital. It is evident, her heart just isn’t in it, where ever it is…

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