Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Review

“Gwent: The Witcher card game”, A betrayal of graphics sounds like a more fitting title. This is not Gwent. Inferior pixeled artwork coupled with poor music and ridiculous depictions of Gwent cards is nothing but a fast fervent formula for failure.

Game designers appear to be saving money and time by physically consuming the missing pixels for breakfast. I  possess no other explanation. The card quality in terms of looks, camera positioning, and how the cards actually feel when managing them is perverse and poor in stark comparison to the actual game of Gwent. Yes, the actual game of Gwent. We demand our gallant, gallus gregarious music!!! We’ve been robbed!!!! A robbery has taken place!!!!

The new revolting card game is ridiculously redolent of Pacman. Poor and Pixley without the outstanding gameplay. The initial advertising between Gerald and Siri was both emotive and evocative. At least they got the introduction right. Perhaps we have our answer. A concerted effort would be good throughout the game, don’t just draw us in with an amazing introduction, keep us playing!!! All aspects of the game must be amazing!!! You must honour our time and attention. We want to support your project, we want it to work!!!

The design team has appeared to have skipped a few stairs on their way to the top, but haven’t quite realised they’ve actually fallen flat on their faces. I am becoming increasingly worried.

All  True Lovers of Gwent were willing to pay full price for this amazingly advertised game. Purchases were to be paid in full, within the skip of a heartbeat.  Some were even willing to sell their cats or risk making purchases while at work. They’ve advertised Gwent but given us something completely different. Be true to your audience, we demand Gwent!!!


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