Rape Confessions, London Buses

The cultural staining of the female sex is becoming far too prevalent and worrisome.  The working public is verbally guided through distressing, disturbed sex and stalker stories as young teens practically sing about their sexual successes. Everyone knows London bus culture is very loud, especially when the school day comes to a close. Teenagers typically forget how to use their indoor voices and shout as though the bus is about to abruptly burst into flames.

Episodes of rape are jocularly exchanged. Young girls are nothing but sexualized receptacles. Teenage boys openly opine their disgusting coordinated attack strategies. Consent that is coerced is still rape. The aggressor and the victim are not aware. The rape appears invisible yet it exists.

This means a large number of young women are in a sense, being secretly and covertly coerced into rape.

The following statements have been made by the Metropolitan police:

“Myth: If your boyfriend forces you to have sex, it is not real rape.”

“Fact: If you have been forced to have sex by anyone, it is rape.”

It is very important for men and women to understand, whether young or old, forced sex is forced sex, and rape is rape.

Educating children is paramount. Education should not only be subject to the school curriculum but parents and communities. Everyone needs to play a role. We need to protect our children and the most vulnerable in society.




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