London Bridge Terrorists: Maniacal Chefs and Parking Fanatics

The UK is under attack. Failed chefs and parking anarchists are attacking this nation’s capital.  Displaced disgruntled murderous filth are combining their strong regard for road safety and parallel parking and fusing it with their divorced, devious, diabolical dish of Islam. Here in Britain, Knifes are for cooking, not killing silly.

The murder party has taken place during the holy month of Ramadan which is the month of fasting from food and bad habits. Muslims are not allowed to even celebrate their birthdays during Ramadan. It is true, that some things are not clear in Islam, however, an individual must seek out a knowledgeable scholar or family member to seek further advice should further light require shedding on a grey area, however, Muslims do not require clarity on the 10 commandments. Islam is also a religion of Abraham. “Thou shalt not kill” is heavily entrenched in Islam, but not in the minds of false maniacal Muslamic mad heads who not only can’t cook but use their failed comedic culinary skills to kill small women and overworked office workers on their days off.

This attack is as religiously righteous as Christian taking a  machine gun to unsuspected old women buying vegetables, on a snowy Christmas Eve. These fanatical failures possess a strong feline fear of soldiers. tThey are too domesticated to enter a war zone and have taken a luscious liking to sitting in warm woolly cars for projected periods of time.

Weaponised parking and Pathetic Knife skills will not bring our nation down. We know our kitchens and we know our roads. We know our kebabs and we know our Muslims. We Brits are trained to cross roads from a very young age ande we’re experts at spotting disgusting dejected drivers. The events that unfolded in London are nothing but a sick joke and a tragedy to the families. These clowns are not Muslim, they are murderous, mutilating filth.

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