No funeral for Manchester bomber Salman Abedi

Muslim’s have a duty to bury the bodies of the dead. Salman Abedi has however been regarded as animal feed.  One Muslim funeral director has said “Feed him to the sharks”, another has stated, “feed him to the pigs.”

Abedi’s family are being refused not just a funeral service but the privilege of being buried in the very city he had critically, callously mutilated. The malicious, maniacal madman is being treated like the very vile and villainous filth that he is.

The remains of the putrid, pathetic piffle of a person are unfortunately being sent so Syria where it is understood, he will be most likely be buried in a stray ditch. Many feel a toilet would be most fitting. His remains are in the custody of Greater Manchester Police.

It is understood that Abedi’s immediate family members are in custody for questioning and cannot receive the vile remnants of this biological, crooked and cursed individual. Further arrangements are currently in process.

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