Is Virtual reality going to destroy society?

Humans are being brainwashed into chasing a more superlative, eerie augmented version of reality.

The world just can’t compete with digitally enhanced expectations. Mystical warrior women on demand. Clothing can be cut, coloured and customised.

Want to put on instant digital muscle mass, say no more. Just click a button. A world without consequence. With VR porn on the rise alongside an environment where humans can abandon their humanity, what could possibly go wrong?

Autonomously roaming in the veritable organic world of consequence will feel like an infringement of ones will and moral intellectual agency.

Detaching from their rapturous realm of reality will make individuals feel forever despondent and disenfranchised. Teens will feel like they are made to mechanically manoeuvre themselves through this mundane world of ever increasing banality.

There is already a degree of people who have freely withdrawn themselves from the real world. They live on video game servers as limited, lifeless avatars devoid of free human emotion. Their responses to cultural conversational gambits shall be punches to the face. Perhaps they will initiate a sexual assault and possibly lick a face? They have self-conditioned themselves to do what they want. Their world is without parameters, time in the real world comes with real world consequences. Will their neural network and conditioning obey our laws and cultures? That challenge belongs to them, but at what cost?








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