Ethnic Students forced onto courses UK

Every year, students are being frog marched onto courses they just don’t want to do. Colleges have no problem filling up popular courses such as A Levels or high level vocational courses. Often is the case that students that are clearly capable of level 3 or level 2 programs are being sold lower level programs as means maximizing course sales for unpopular courses.  This is greatly damaging the professional and educational development of young people in an ever changing and ever challenging job market.

Attending higher education enrollment with a parent of English as a second language can be hugely beneficial to pushy enrollment staff. Parents are often not aware that a unnecessary additional year is being thrown before their child. Parents will find themselves being muffled and manipulated until they get that strongly desired musical signature on the sheet.  It can be even more celebratory when the student turns up alone.

A Students being coerced onto a course they are far too skilled for can presents a huge barrier for success. Having your level of educational development and interests colossally and callously undermined can impede success and further interests in the world of higher education and job skills.




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